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TopHander from SledgebatsThe TopHander™ training bat from Sledgebats is simply the best at achieving results. This one hand-training bat is designed to teach perfect point of contact, while developing a short and quick, powerful swing. Balanced weighted, it forces the player to develop that correct knob first swing without rolling over or pulling off the ball. The unique design with the optimum weighted technology develops a player’s swing while giving instant visual feedback on the hitter’s results. A good swing is felt and rewarded instantly. Other training bats can only attempt to do this.

There is simply no other way to train to hit a line drive with consistent backspin unless hitting the ball perfectly with the TopHander™. The player will learn his or her own perfect point of contact, with a down and through the ball swing that is compact and powerful.

The TopHander™ is only for the serious coach and/or player, its usefulness is unmatched. This training tool is for free standing top hand, back knee down and soft toss drills to teach perfect hand/eye coordination, bat control, as well as developing excellent top hand ability and strength.

The TopHander™ training bat, is used by numerous professional hitting instructors to teach players the importance of "throwing" the top hand and arm extension through the hitting zone throughout their swing. Once you begin practicing with the TopHander™, you will soon understand the benefits that come from barrel control and quickness that only this training tool will help you achieve. This training bat is great for players of all ages.

Sledgebats has a full line of training tools to help you reach your potential on the ball field. Designed and developed by former MLB players to improve all players’ chances of reaching the highest level of sports.

Sledgebats training products are made in the USA. Extreme engineering and unmatched durability are standards demanded by our professionals. These training aids will last for years in high intensity batting practice drills.

Available in three age sizes, 10-15, 16-20 and the Professional athletes.

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